Website Beginning to Take Form


The new website is starting up.  There are a lot of areas open for feedback. Here’s a few:

  • 5 things you really need to see” – As Marc noted on August 13th, please send Rich Young a list of the 5 things YOU want to ensure are on the website and easily available.
  • What we do” – Marc also requested a week or two prior that you brainstorm and try to remember any/all of the different events/activities you have supported over the years.  Don’t wait!  If you think of something, just send a quick line to me or Marc and we’ll organize and collect all input to make sure we are planning ahead for resources and committee chairs, etc.
  • Who we support – Send me the names of any organizations you can think of that have benefited from our work or teamed with us in the past so we can advertise our value and engagement.
  • Events – If you have an event you know about, please notify me and I will add to the calendar.  Please give as much of the following as possible:
    • Event Name
    • Location
    • Time(s)
    • The main point of contact name, and number and/or email
    • A short description (e.g. “We’ll be burning meat and need some people to hand out plates”, “Join the JOOI club as they do great things…”)
  • Information – If you are aware of any particular activity or topic and want to help me by giving me information or helping me /volunteering to build a detailed page on it, please let me know!

And again, please email me with any general or specific ideas/feedback on the website such as:

  • Overall Style – Color choices, layout, main page content
  • Pictures – Please point us to some good material so we can incorporate it
  • Menu structure – Are we putting too little, too much, what do you see that’s missing, wrong?
  • ANYTHING ELSE!  This is the club’s site, not mine 🙂